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About Bridget May

Bridget May has lived in the Northern Territory since 2000 after emigrating from England.  She has more than 30 years of experience in the Tourism and Hospitality industry, including working with the screen industry, resulting in her running the Northern Territory screen agency, Screen Territory, from 2016 to 2017.

Bridget’s dedication and commitment to the screen industry are evident in the growth of the Northern Territory industry during her time at Screen Territory.   Bridget has amassed a substantial network of screen industry professionals including respected screen content experts.  

Bridget’s attention to detail, and calm presence while working in highly pressured workplaces, make her an ideal Producer and Post Production Supervisor.  Bridget is well respected in the film industry as someone who delivers under pressure and keeps on smiling.  

Bridget is very dynamic and has extensive procurement, operations, and project management experience within the public and private sectors. Her skills result from significant strategic and governance work while servicing various boards (banking, community development and arts sectors).  She also has expert advice on business planning, strategic growth, change management and operational excellence.

Bridget is a confident strategist capable of developing innovative plans and activities designed to facilitate competitive growth.  She possesses excellent interpersonal communication and negotiation skills, the ability to influence decisions and to develop positive relationships and networks.

Bridget thrives in highly pressurised and challenging working environments.


About R.D.


R.D., or Red Dog, turned up on Bridget's doorstep in early 2009 as a puppy, about 8 weeks old.  R.D. was being harassed by the neighbour’s dogs and so Bridget brought her into the house to keep her safe while her owners could be located.


Bridget was unable to locate R.D. owners, and long story short, she became a loyal member of the family.  She was a princess and loved people, especially men, so if you had shorts on, your legs would be licked!

R.D. sadly died in 2021 of a chronicle illness.

About Nora

Nora came from a cattle station out by Harts Range, Central Australia, and she was a pure-bred cattle dog, and had the attitude to go with it. Nora was the runt of the litter, but what she lacked in size she made up for in attitude.


Nora was super intelligent and had absolutely no care for people's personal space.  If she wanted your attention, you could expect little bodges from her until she got what she wanted.

Nora sadly died in 2021 of cancer.


New Starters

About Missy Moo


Missy Moo is a little bit of a scatty catty, and when I mean scatty, she really does run around the walls and go a little bit twitchy.  

Missy Moo can be found being on any surface that is flat, curved, comfy or high, some days it takes us a while to find her, from the top of cupboards to sleeping in sinks, so far not really getting into the work ethic, but she is a cat, so am I really supprised?​

A feral rescue kitten, she is living a life of food, sleep and crazy cat stuff.

About Norman

Norman was abandoned at the local pet rescue in Alice Springs covered in ticks and fleas, very malnourished and not a very well little puppy at all. 

Once he was strong enough, we took him in as a foster dog.   Unable to walk or run properly due to the malformation of his legs from lack of calcium, this little champ needed some extra bit of care.  

Well, Norman is a foster fail.  He is a very timid little thing with people he does not know, but once he gets used to you, well, it is all energy play time and has a very big voice when he wants your attention.  


About Frankie


Frankie, like all cattle dogs, has absolutely no boundaries whatsoever.  A blue stumpy-tailed cattle dog cross, she is all business in hearing the team to get work done.  

She is either at 110% or asleep, we are trying to find that middle road, but believe that will never happen.

Like Nora, she is a bodger, when wanting attention - really she is after treats and cuddles.  Who can say no to her face!  

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